Ribo-ID Species Identification

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Sequence analysis of ribosomal DNA (the rRNA gene) is widely used to complement or confirm traditional methods of microbial species identification (1,2,3). This approach exploits the availability of extensive public domain databases of rRNA genes and genomic sequences, and powerful search tools such as BLAST. Using our own genomics-optimized primers, MicrobiType offers Bac-Ribo-ID and Fun-Ribo-ID sequence analysis services for bacterial and fungal species identification, respectively. The former targets the 5’ region of the 16S rRNA gene, and the latter the ITS spacer region. (Important: these services are for research/investigational use only, and not for patient-specific clinical diagnosis.) Results are reported in phylogram (e.g., Bac-Ribo-ID Species Tree) and sequence alignment formats that clearly illustrate the relatedness of your isolate to database species.

At MicrobiType, the Ribo-ID services are also used to troubleshoot any species-specific typing service (e.g., Sau-spa) that fails to yield a PCR product. The most likely reason for such failures is incorrect speciation, followed by insufficient or degraded DNA. When such failures occur, MicrobiType will perform species identification using the appropriate Ribo-ID on your sample at no extra cost. If this also fails to yield a PCR product, you will be asked to submit a fresh sample of your isolate, again at no extra cost.

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